Monday, April 03, 2006

Filled With Propane Today $31

The price of propane is $1.95 where we get it here in Southern California. We filled with propane today for $31.  I had hoped to get it on Friday as we headed out for the rally, but EMPTY on the gauge changed my mind.  Remember, we use the Bounder for dinner every day and the fridge runs on propane 24/7.

Weather for the coming Rally weekend is partly cloudy and 20% chance of rain part of the time.  Today it is pouring here.  We are only about 90 miles from the campground, so our weather and theirs is similar.  Well, when it comes to rain, if one of us gets it the other probably will too.  In the summer they have cripple digit temperatures.  If our temperature goes to 90 degrees it is a sweltering day on the coast.

I think I need to take the motorhome to a carburetor shop soon.  It is still dieseling when I shut it off. If I leave it in gear, drive, with a tiny forward motion, it may not diesel.  Also it is stalling when I first start it.  I have to sit and pump and hold the gas pedal for a warmup period before it will stay running without a baby sitter.

Our public Ebay ID is different. I just changed “grandmas-junque” to “electronicspart”.  I will only be selling electronics, parts and hardware on that ID. 

I said, “public Ebay ID”.  By that, I mean the one I share with others.  I also have private Ebay IDs that I choose not to share.  Most of my income is from the private IDs.  One reason I do not share all of my IDs is that Ebay is a totally public forum. If you want to know exactly how much income a person makes, just look at their ID on a regular basis.  Ebay shows all.  I share a lot of my income figures, but I’d just as soon not have it available to everyone. 


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