Sunday, April 02, 2006

Working Hard To Go Camping

Since we are going to the rally this week, I am working hard to go camping.  I am putting in more effort to get more work done to make up for the time we take off.  Yesterday was quite productive.  I didn’t not get all I wanted done, but I did make a tremendous amount of progress.

Did you member to reset your clocks today?  “Spring Forward, Fall Back”  If you got up at eight o’clock this morning but did not reset you clocks,  was really nine o’clock based on daylight saving time.  In the past, when I worked for a “boss”, I loved daylight savings time. Now that I work for myself it does not matter much.  I have daylight to do what I need to in the middle of the day if I want and I can work late in to the night indoors if I choose too.  I’m flexible.

I guess retirement and working for yourself have a bit in common.  You can set your hours to fit your needs.  I like that.

Sharon has gone to the Farmer’s Market and I have stayed here to continue catching up for our upcoming camping weekend.  “No rest for the wicked”, they say.  Of course they also say, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.  HMMMmmmmmmmmm!  ???

Today I received an email from Al who is my same age. He is putting his house on the market and going full timing very soon.  What a great inspiration and a nice way to start my day.  Thank you Al for that.  It gives me hope seeing others doing it.

Full timing has been a conversation Sharon and I have been having.  We are still stuck on how to dispose of a warehouse full of obsolete stuff.  We come up with answers, but they are labor intensive.  It really is complicated, making a living, liquidating a warehouse, planning of full timing and still maintaining a living wage.  It is an interesting challenge, to say the least.

If we had a normal business, it might be easy, but you would have to know our total situation and actually see what we have to understand all that is involved in dumping this lifestyle to start a new one.

In the mean time I think we are going to devote most of our time to selling on Ebay.  last month it paid the rent, less Ebay fees. This month we should do better. 

Have you thought about selling on Ebay?  I really cannot say enough about how easy it is.  It can easily be done from home and with a little thought could be taken on the road in an RV.  If you think workamping will have to be part of your full timing plans, give selling on Ebay a try.  You may find you only need to workamp a couple months instead of 1/2 the year. 




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