Friday, March 31, 2006

One Week Until The San Dimas Rally

We are officially in countdown mode. It is only one week until the San Dimas Rally.  At this time next Friday we will be washing the windshield of the Bounder and doing our last minute packing and should be off with 1/2 hour of this time (7:20 a.m.).

Other than getting propane and doing normal tire pressure and fluid checks, the motorhome is ready to go.  I still want to get the Hott Rod electric water heater installed, but there are no really important tasks to get done in the next week.

The Ebay sales are doing well. We are below our projected income for March, but still made enough to pay the rent on this warehouse.  I know the reason, I just did not work as hard as I should have.  You get out of a job what you put into it.  I really need to put more into my efforts. 

Sometimes I can get so excited about things it is amazing how high I get on just thoughts.  I need to capture that feeling and apply it to my work, especially when I begin to slow down. 

Have you thought about selling on Ebay?  Of the two ways I am trying to generate income, Ebay is the easiest of the two. It also is the quickest way to have money in a few days.  Like I have said in the past, Ebay is a way you could make money while full timing.  The way to figure it out is to start now and then think about how you could apply it to full timing.

If you haven’t looked into selling on Ebay, now would be an excellent time to investigate the possibilities it offers. Go ahead, at least check it out. Click here for eBay!


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