Thursday, March 30, 2006

3 Axle Toy Hauler Pulled By Expidition

Sharon was talking to a guy along the way where we walk Poky.  He has a 3 axle toy hauler pulled by his Ford Expedition.  It is a SP3018.  That sure seems like a lot of trailer behind a SUV.  Of course the dealers will tell you there is plenty of power to pull and control a travel trailer that size.  Any thoughts on this one?  Here is the one I am talking about Raptor

OK, I looked up the Expedition and here is what the Popular Mechanics site said, “Yet Expedition handily seats nine and has an 8000-pound towing capacity. It's a lot of truck.”  and “ While all of the Expedition's mechanical components and half of its body parts come directly from the F-150”.  So, this is pulling a 30 foot trailer with a light pickup truck.  See chart below. That is about 13,000 pounds loaded to max.

With travel trailers, the tail often wags the dog.  I sure hope he is a careful driver.

Weights for the Raptor is: (from the site above)

Carrying Capacity

I know our Bounder is overweight.  Or it was the last time we weighed it will all full tanks except the gray and black holding tanks were empty.  I wonder what percentage of RVs are overweight or towed by an inadequate tow vehicle.

 Yesterday I talked about installing a Hott Rod electric water heater in our RV.  I did a little research and found that both Suburban and Atwood void their warranty on a new water heater if you put in an electric heating rod.  I read a number of articles that talked about dire consequences if the product failed.  The one thing I never did read in any article or forum is that anyone actually had these problems or any actual problems. 

Camping World and many major camping supply stores sell these after market electric hot water heater plug-ins. My opinion is that I am not going to worry about some hypothetical potential problem.  I am going to install my Hott Rod water heater and enjoy it. 




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