Monday, March 20, 2006

Sunday Trip -- Carpenteria and Seals

As we often do on Sunday, we drover over to the Farmer’s Market for some fresh fruit and vegetables. Of course we bought some of our luscious local strawberries.

From there we drove up the coast to Capenteria. There is a colony of seals that have given birth to their pups on the beach below a cliff. It was interesting seeing these harbor seals. They give birth and the babies are able to immediately swim and be taught to fish and swim by their mothers. Elephant seal pups do not know how to swim. When they get big enough their mothers abandon them on the beach, never to return. The elephant seal pups finally get hungry and venture out into the surf and teach themselves to swim.

Sharon and I never realized we had a colony of breeding seals so close to home. It was about 35 miles from here. It is interesting how many things that are within a few miles of where we live that we never see. They are there, we take them for granted and think one day we will go visit.

Like I said, this weekend is camping weekend, but starting on Saturday instead of Friday. We will stay Sunday night to get that second night of camping in. We still haven’t decided which campground to go to.

OH, yesterday, we packed a lunch to eat at the beach. It was to windy on the beach so we ate in the car watching the sand blow on the beach. We were parked right next to the Carpenteria State Campground. They say they are limited to 31 or 32 foot rigs, but I have been told that you can get in with larger RVs.

The three beach campgrounds we go to just south of here all have 31 foot maximum lengths posted on Reserve America. WRONG!. We are 34 feet and camp in all three with no problem. The camp host at Thornhill broom once told us that larger rigs were no problem, in fact they had 40 foot buses in there at times.

Interesting how much misinformation there is in AUTHORITY places. Sad to say, I am sure many people do not camp at some campground because of this obsolete information. One reason I have heard it that every campsite will take a 31 foot RV, so they cover themselves by not offering larger rigs space. If you came in a 34 footer with reservations and the only spot left actually only fit a 31 footer, you would be upset.


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