Sunday, March 19, 2006

Ebay Income Up -- IM Income Down

This month my Ebay income is up but my IM income is down.  Of course, since I started selling on Ebay again it would be up, but why my internet marketing income is down is a mystery.  Well, maybe not a mystery.  When you neglect one area it suffers.  I have not spent the time developing the IM part that I should.

All of this online business is essential to our ever going full time in a RV.  It is even essential to our ongoing ability to go camping on a regular basis.  It is our online income that supports us.  Could it be you could gain an income from an online business that you could operate from the comfort of your RV? 

I keep telling you about our efforts.  They are slowly paying off.  This morning I woke up and found an email message saying I received a $50 commission.  That is a nice surprise.  I should do more toward generating those little surprises.

I am thinking of going camping at the beach next weekend.  We want to go to a Ham Radio swap meet in Los Angeles Saturday morning. It is the TRW Ham swap meet.  To do both we would go to TRW in the early morning, return and double check that there are camping spots at one of the three campgrounds we drive by on the way home.  There should be space since it is winter and they do not fill up like they do in summer. 

Assuming there is a space, we will drive on home, park the car, get in the motorhome and head on out for camping Saturday night and Sunday night, coming home late Monday.  I like this idea. You can never get too much camping.


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