Thursday, March 16, 2006

San Dima Rally Is Full

There are 31 spaces for the San Dimas Rally and it is full.  Can you imagine tri-tip and 31 potluck dishes?  YIKES!  I had better exercise religiously for the next 4 weeks.  Friday night will be a chili potluck.  Last year there we so many varieties of chili, even a cinnamon chili. Hot, sweet and mild chili. 

San Dimas is on a lake, but you cannot launch boats in the camping area.  There is a small airport next door, but the planes are limited to taking off and landing during the day.  Last year there was a World War II airplane flying out of the airport.  It passed by a couple times.

It is alway interesting what you will find at rallies.  Wildlife — OH!  San Dimas is know for having skunks around at night, especially around the dumpsters.  That could be exciting.  New sites.  New friends. Old friend. It all is just an exciting adventure.  If there are rallies in your are, you should try and attend on.  Check the forums for one near you. 

Once San Dimas is over, our next rally is not until October.  However, you never know what will happen in between now and then.  Sometimes just a couple to a few rigs get together for a gathering.  We have been to two gatherings.  Gatherings are online friends who meet somewhere to camp together.  Not as well planned as a rally and usually not as well advertised.  Most gathering are more word of mouth.


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