Monday, March 13, 2006

The Downside Of Good Food

We are back from the Kelly’s Beach Rally.  The people were great, the weather was rainy, but not really that bad.  We had cover to eat under.  The food was delicious, but there is a downside to good food.  I gained 4 pounds. 

Our trip home was about 85 miles farther by going around to avoid the Grapevine snow.  It was an easy drive, but I get more tired driving than I did when I was 30 years younger.  I found that I actually needed to stop every couple hours and get out and stretch. When we got over to the beach, we pulled off at a vista point overlooking the ocean and I took a nice nap. Maybe part of being more tired is driving a RV.  I have to pay a more attention to my driving than I do with a car.  That little bit of extra concentration may be tiring.

When we got home we filled up with gas at Costco.  Costco gas was the same price as the Arco station just off the Highway 99 Freeway.  That was a surprise.  Costco usually is cheaper. Anyway, we got the best mileage ever this trip.  6.12 miles per gallon.  I did 55 most of the trip and only sped up to 65 or more in traffic that was going faster.  The faster speeds were seldom.

One thing I did that might have helped the mileage was to run with only 1/4 tank of fresh water.  With a 100 gallon tank, even half full is and extra 400 pounds to carry.

If you are a regular reader, you know I exercise daily and weigh myself regularly. Weigh in is after I exercise and dressed the same each time.  So, we are home and it is going to be “back to the exercise machine”.  Because I have been stuck in this weight area for months, I may have to finally actually go on a diet of some sort, or exercise twice a day to burn more calories.

Cleaning out a lot of excess stuff before we left paid off.  When we got to the campground and throughout the 4 days, our coach stayed more organized than it ever has.  This was a nice plus.  We still need to go through it more and see what else we really do not need to carry.





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