Monday, March 06, 2006

It Is Raining -- Forecast Rain

What is with this?  It is raining today.  Light rain, but still raining. Forecast has rain through the weekend.  In addition, the forecast for the Kelly’s Beach Rally is 20% rain each day.  This is the only problem with camping in the winter in California.  You are likely to have some coming down.
In spite of the forecast, I am sure we will all have a lot of fun at this rally.  Rain or shine camping is always good.  Besides, we have raincoats and rain boots

I have a small list of things to do today through Wednesday in preparation for leaving on the trip.  These are small things, but some cannot be easily done in the rain.  Oh, they could but are not important enough to get wet doing.

Lately I have not been adding pages to the RV Living Magazine site.   When we get back from camping, I need to start adding some that I have been thinking about. 

On our way to Kelly’s Beach is a huge Camping World.  There are a couple things we need there, plus there is always something we did not know we needed.  LOL (laughing out loud). The store is in Bakersfield, California and is so big, they have an RV showroom with at least 20 RVs parked inside the warehouse.  This is a fun store to go into.

One task I need to do before we leave is empty my gray water tank.  Luckily, we have a clean out where we can dump it.  I just run a garden hose from the tank to my “dump station”.  when I dump the black tanks at home, I use a Sewer Solution.  Again it dumps through a garden hose.  It will even pump uphill to a dump point.  Take a look at the link below.

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