Thursday, March 02, 2006

Not Camping This Weekend

Sharon and I decided not to go camping this weekend.  Rain is predicted for Friday.  Saturday and Sunday should be clear.  Saturday is the big parking lot sale at Harbor Freight and they have some things I want/need.  Plus, with going camping the next weekend, we figured we could put this weekends camping toward gas next weekend.  It is about 230 miles one way.

It will be interesting to see what kind of gas mileage we pick up by getting rid of some weight.  Sharon has been getting rid of stuff in the Bounder and I have been too.  Today I got rid of 20 pounds or more of tools I really do not need to carry.  I still need to get into the basement compartments and see what else I do not need to take along.  I am sure there is more.

I posted my comments from the first paragraphs of yesterdays blog in the forum.  People didn’t go look at the picture and thought we really got a Saint Bernard dog.  FUNNY! 

My Vector 3 stage charger is nice for charging, but I am somewhat disappointed in it.  We got it about 1 1/2 years ago. It cost around $100.  I really like what it does, charge batteries, desulphate batteries, even starts a car with the 100 amp range.  However, the battery clamps are very cheap. They are the wrong shape at the clamp end so do not easily fit all batteries and situations.  The clamps on a $100 charger are very cheap.  My plastic handle broke this week and the clamp is now useless.

Continuing on.  What you you need a battery charger for. Often a dead battery.  If its computer circuit sees a dead battery if will not attempt to charge it. It just gives an error code say NO CAN DO.  HUH?   It’s a battery charger.

Another complaint is although it has an OFF button, it doesn’t really turn off the charger. There is always power running in it.  When I plug it into a socket, there is often a tiny spark because it immediately starts drawing current. 

Today I am going back to selling on Ebay.  We were making a good living on Ebay at one time.  We need to start making some money so we are selling again.  Internet marketing is a slow way to make an income as you learn how, so Ebay is the answer for fast cash.




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