Sunday, February 26, 2006

Going Camping Next Weekend

It looks like we will be camping for two weekends in a row. We are going camping next weekend and the weekend after that we will be camping at the rally at Kelly’s Beach.  You just can’t get too much camping in. 

Local camping is nice because it is inexpensive. Rallies are great because of the people you are camping with.  The rally groups are alway slightly different.  New people join.  Some have new RVs since the last time you saw them. 

Sharon has really been going to town on the Bounder.  She is going through drawers and cabinets and taking things out of the motorhome entirely.  We have too much stuff.  I need to get into “my” basement compartments this week and get stuff out.  I know I do not need everything I carry there. 

Yesterday as bright and sunny, today it overcast and rain is forecast.  I was going to wash the Bounder today.  I still may, but I will wait until a little later when it is warmer —— maybe it will rain and I can put it off until another day.  Ha Ha!



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