Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Two Weeks Until The Next Rally

It is just over two weeks until the next rally we will attend.  The next one after that is in April.  It would be nice to be able to go to rallies every month, but it would get a little expensive. 

We really need to sit down and create a camping budget that includes local camping and rallies.  We need a definite amount in the budget. Right now we are just going and not paying attention to the costs.  This could be dangerous to a financial plan. 

This is sort of like a check list for packing the motorhome.  You need to know you have your bases covered instead of just rushing headlong into things. 

Our trip this time made me glad we had the Thorley headers installed.  We had power on all the hills we used to have more difficultly getting up.  We did not slow down like we used to before the headers.  They may have improved mileage slightly, but power is what they really improved.

Within the next two weeks I need to wash the Bounder.  The side we always see does not look that bad, but the rear is very dirty. If it is that dirty, I am sure the sides are too, just not as obvious.

My forced air heater fan is making noise.  I would like to lubricate the fan, but when I opened the heater compartment, it is impossible to do without removing the entire heater.  This means disconnecting the propane connection; removing the four outlets hoses that feed hot air throughout the motorhome, finding what screws hold it in.  It may have screws on the outside exhaust ports that need to be removed.

Fixing a squeak may become a major project.  I should get it done, but I am not looking forward to the process.  This is one of those things that may or may not lead to problems.  A squeaky “anything” should be lubricated.  How much problems it causes down the road if you don’t is unknown.

Last night we went to a country music concert starring Terri Clark. She puts on a very good show.  We won the tickets to see her from our local country radio station.  This was the third time we have seen her in concert. All of the tickets were won on the radio.  We have been to many concerts but have never bought tickets. We win them on the radio.


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