Thursday, February 16, 2006

Last Minute Preparation For Camping

Today we are in GET READY mode.  We are doing our last minute preparation for camping this 4 day weekend.  I just hooked up my under seat batteries to a small solar cell to help trickle charge them between regular charging.  My under seat batteries are three 12 volt gel cells that are under my dinette seat.  We use these batteries to run a small inverter which runs our stereo (boombox) and external amplifier.  It runs other small things like my laptop computer or cell phone charger — both through the inverter.

I have decided that it is a good idea to carry some travelers checks in the motorhome when we travel farther from home than our local campgrounds.  We never cash these, so the money is always available in case of an emergency for us or the motorhome. 

Another thing I had Sharon do today is get 50 $1 bills to keep in the motorhome.  We are always camping at places that have a “do it yourself” registration and the amounts are $9 or $18 and we need the singles for change when camping.  We normally have other bills, but sometimes we are short of ones.

Last night I checked my tire pressure and all tires in within their range.  I put in 90 pounds +/– 3 pounds. 

Sharon just got back from grocery shopping, but she still has more stores to go to. She is also going to the Thursdays Farmer’s Market in Oxnard.  We have one in the city Thursday and one in the harbor area on Sunday. 



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