Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Packing List Printed

We have our RV packing list printed and are starting to check off items in preparation of camping this weekend.  We are lucky that the motorhome is parked behind our warehouse.  It is basically packed and ready to go on a moment’s notice.  Our packing list includes things like toiletries, cameras, laptop computer and things we need to do before we leave, like water plants, and be sure electric blankets and heaters are turned off.

Just two days, including today and we will be taking off.  Our first stop will be for propane.  It is not down that far, but I think it would pay to top it off.  After leaving there we will head for the beach and have breakfast by the ocean.  If it is low tide we will walk on the beach.  Where we like to stop only has beach available at low tide.

Our trip to Lake San Antonio if about 210 miles or 4 hours.  Add propane breakfast and lunch into that and it is 5–6 hours depending on how fast I drive.  I am trying to slow to 55.  My speedometer is 5 MPH slow so when I am going 55, actually I am going 60.  I sometimes find myself at 65 MPH and slow down when I see that.

I feel comfortable driving the Bounder at any speed, but for safety and gas economy I prefer to keep it at 55 to 62 MPH.  Since the Bounder gets under 6 miles per gallon, slower speeds will save money at the gas pump, especially with gas here over $2.40 a gallon.



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