Friday, February 10, 2006

One Week To Go For The Rally

There is only one week to go for the rally at Lake San Antonio. At this time next week, we will be getting set up for the evening potluck dinner. That sure sounds great, don’t you think?

Other than emptying the holding tanks there is nothing important that needs to be done to the Bounder. There are some small jobs I should get done one of these days. Tasks that are not high on my priority list.

HMMMMMmmmmm! Maybe that is a problem. Maybe I should put some of those simple tasks that only take a few minutes to complete higher up on my list of things that need to get accomplished. I have three small jobs on a post-it note here at my desk. Maybe I should just go out and do them in the morning.

Yes, in the morning. I am late again writing the blog. Today I started by working on internet marketing things I should be working one and forgot all about the blogs.

Why is writing in the blog daily important to me? It is one thing that I am committed to that helps me get some control over the direction I need to take my life in order to go full timing. There are the little things I mentioned I do not do, but this blog has not been missed once in over a year.

OK, I am late a few times, but even when we are camping, I still write here daily. Maybe one commitment will lead to another and another.


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