Friday, February 03, 2006

Foggy At The Beach -- EXCITEMENT

This morning we left home about 7:15 this morning and headed for the beach and a weekend of camping.  When we left home it was pretty foggy.  It was not so bad you couldn’t see, just a moderate fog.

We pulled off at one of our favorite pull outs.  It a a small bluff about 20 feet over the ocean.  Just as we finished breakfast a California Highway Patrol motorcycle went by sirens going. It was followed by a CHP patrol car.  Soon a fire truck went by and then a ambulance.

Being curios, we started the Bounder and headed down the road about 2 to 3 miles.  The emergency vehicles were parked by another small bluff.  A Nissan truck had been coming the other direction at an apparent high rate of speed and went off of the road and over the 20 foot bluff. 

The truck was resting upside down at the edge of the surf.  They pulled the one person from the vehicle, ALIVE, but hurting.  I did not see him up close but guess he a younger man.  He had roller blades in the truck, a laptop computer and digital camera that were pulled from the wreckage and surf.

Based on the skid marks on the road, where he went over the edge and how far he was from the point he left the road, he had to be traveling at a fairly high rate of speed.  I have pictures still in the camera.  I will post a couple of them later.

Highway patrolmen at the scene said that this guy was very lucky. First he did not take out anyone else in this accident.  Second, he crashed at low tide. If he had gone over at the same spot  a few hours later, he would have drowned before he could be rescued.

This is a fairly active section of road.  If you have been reading our blog, this is where we saw the staged auto accident for the music video.  Close by is where they were filming the motorcycle commercial.  OH, they are filming today about 2 miles down the road.  I do not know what that one is about. 

Right now it is 1 o’clock and I am sitting at the picnic table looking out toward the ocean.  We have a fire going right in front of me.  Poky and Sharon are sitting in chair over to my left. 

It is still foggy here at the beach.  I thought it would burn off by now, but it is sticking around. 


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