Wednesday, February 01, 2006

We Need Propane -- Going Camping

Since we need propane, we are going camping.  It is a waste to drive and and fill up the propane tank and them come back and park the Bounder.  We are going camping for Sharon’s birthday, February 4th. We will leave Friday morning and return Sunday afternoon sometime. 

Once again we are just going down the coast 15 to 25 miles, depending on which campground we choose.  All three campgrounds are at the beach. Two are across the street from the ocean and one is right on the edge of the sand.  Sharon’s choice and she is thinking the campground right on the beach because last year at the end of  January we saw a whale just off shore.

Because we are low on propane, I connected the motorhome up to a heavy extension cord so the refrigerator runs on electricity.  We have a low wattage heater that we will use instead of the gas furnace.  We should have enough propane for daily dinners and lunches if we do not use the other gas appliances.

Remember, the motorhome is parked behind our business and we eat lunch and dinner in it daily.  The water pump is left turned on 24/7 and the refrigerator runs on propane 24/7.  It is very handy having the Bounder parked out back.


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