Monday, January 30, 2006

Leaking Pump Connection

The new Shurflo pump works fine, BUT we have a leaking pump connection on one side.  I pulled the pump and wrapped Teflon tape on the threaded connection and put it back together. It still leaked.  I then used a pair of pliers to tighten if beyond finger tight.  That fixed it.

I do not know if the difference that caused the leak is the old pipe connection in the Bounder, or the new plastic fitting on the pump.  As many times as I took the old pump in and out, it never dripped or leaked.  It has taken three times installing the new pump to solve the leak.

My motorhome has the old style plumbing which used crimp on metal bands to hold connections together.  When I need to do any repair I  have to use the newer style compression fittings.  I like the new style better because it means I can do the work myself without some special crimp tool. I replaced one drain valve that leaked when we first bought the Bounder.

I have another leaking low point drain valve at the water tank.  It only drips, so it is not a big priority job.  I just need to remember to take the sample pipe size to the RV store when I buy the valve and pipe to do the job.  There are different sizes used in different RVs so I saved a piece from the first job that I use as a sample.


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