Thursday, January 26, 2006

Shurflo Pump Problem

OK (red faced),  I pulled our Shurflo water pump yesterday and cleaned it. Put it back and it still did not work.  Make the decision to buy a new one.  OOOPS!  I came back in later and looked at my work table.  There was a major part to the pump that I DID NOT put back in. 

I pulled the pump again and reinstalled the missing part, but it still didn’t work. I removed the pump and did a quick pressure test, I blew in the inlet.  Air was coming out around the seal. They do not use a gasket to seal the pump, just a ridge and a lip.  The inner rubber sits again this and forms a seal when the pump is new. My pump is 10 years old.

Since I do not have any kind of gasket material, I used silicone seal to create a gasket.  The pump is still sitting here.  I am waiting for the silicone to completely cure before reinstalling it and testing it again.  I have to get this done by Saturday since we are going to Camping World anyway. 

I got a really good deal on a group of ebooks at 30 Ebooks For $9.95.  This is one of the best deals I have seen for a while.  My interest is in selling these and making an online income.  HOWEVER, there are some nice topics you might be interested in.  Take a look, there are 30 titles  such as inexpensive weddings, make money from crafts, car dealer auto cons, selling your home, rekindling love, making smoothies, recipe books and a lot more.

Being sick meant not exercising for nine days. I have been back at it since Monday.  I hope you have joined me by getting a little more exercise.  Even when you stop exercising for a day or two you have not failed at exercise, just get back to it.  If you read my blog  daily or even periodically, maybe seeing that I keep at it will help you to decide to keep at it.

Yesterday I bought some more exercise equipment.  I bought two spring tension hand exercisers for $3.99 at Sport Chalet, the mega sports store.  Now I have 10 pound weights to life, a recumbent exercise bicycle and these hand exercisers.  PLUS, I am starting to do push ups in the morning and at night.  ALSO, Sharon and I walk the dog 0.7 miles twice a day.

Come on!  Get healthy.  Join me by at least walking a block or two every day. 



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