Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Water Pump Needs Replacing -- I Think

Yesterday I removed the Bounder water pump. The date code is 1996.  The motor works fine. I disassembled it and cleaned the rubber/plastic pump parts.  I reassembled the pump and NOTHING.  It still didn’t suck water. 

Saturday we are driving down to Los Angeles to a HAM radio swapmeet.  They have a few things I want.  Years ago I sold at electronics at that once a month swapmeet. 

After the swapmeet we are going to drive up to Santa Clarita where Camping World is.  My water pump there is $80.99.  Our local camping stores had it for $94. Our pump is the SHURflo Whisper King Demand Fresh Water Pump  You can click the link to see the description.

I thought of trying to get a repair kit, but for $80, time verses money may make it worthwhile to just replace the pump at this point. 

We used to live in Santa Clarita. Canyon Country to be exact.  After we lost our house we had a place up a canyon.  Luckily we moved before a California wildfire burned the place down.  Last year the winter storms took out large sections of road in the canyon.  It took over a year to open the road again.  We will also go up the canyon and see what was changed by the storm and how it affected where we lived. 


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