Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Less Than A Month Until SAL Rally

It is now less than a month until the “SAL Rally” at Lake San Antonio. I think there will be 15 or 16 rigs there this time.  SAL is a great recurring rally.  A nice place at a lake and a lot of good people.  If you have a chance to attend a rally in your area, DO IT!  RV.net has a section on rallies people put together.  Rallies are not sponsored by rv.net. These are private individuals in a forum saying, “Let’s get together for a RV camping trip”.  Someone picks the place and coordinates the camping spots and the rally is on.

The SAL Rally is about 210 miles from here. We leave between 7:30 and 8:00 and then stop at the beach to eat breakfast in the motorhome overlooking the waves and the ocean.  By the time we get to Paso Robles it is noon and we get fast food at McDonald or Carl’s Jr/Green Burrito.  Paso Robles is the last town before Lake San Antonio.

Yesterday I called the RV parts store and they said if my water pump was original it probably wouldn’t pay to repair it with a kit.  They also told me water pumps sometimes get plugged with algae growth or debris in the filter screen.  My next job is to open the filter housing and clean the filter and see if that helps.  They also told me there is a date code on the pump.  If it is four or five years old it is time for a replacement if you are having problems.  

Our pump works fine unless the input line runs dry.  This happens when we get low on water or when we park at a tilt and the water is not covering the outlet in the tank.  It is easy to get started again IF we have a faucet water source to force water into the low point drain.  With the sink faucets turned on and the water pump running, this forces water through the pipes and the pump and out the faucet. Once the pump has water in it it works for a long time.

Since we have the Bounder behind the warehouse and use it twice a day for meals, we leave the water pump on 24/7.  It never gets turned off.  Well, it only runs when water is used, but it has power all the time and runs when required. 


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