Sunday, January 22, 2006

Late Again

I am really getting side tracked lately.  Once again I forgot to get the morning blog written.  I try to write the journal in the morning so it is up all day.  Like they say, “The best laid plans of mice and men……..”.

 Tomorrow I will call the local RV store and see it there is any kind of repair kit for my water pump.  If there is I will try overhauling my current pump.  If not I will order a new one this week.  We cannot be without water at times. 

Sharon was reading the forum and one of the members was camped in the same spot we were camped New Year’s Eve.  What an interesting coincidence.

Do you have an awning on your RV?  When it was raining on this last camping trip and on our New Year’s campout when it rained, it would have been nice to have an awning over our entry door.  I think I will put a fund aside and see about getting a short 12 to 14 foot awning.  I don’t think I want a full awning.  I just don’t want the extra weight.

We have one of those pop up portable awnings and that is very nice at the beach.  When we are parked at the beach, even coaches with awnings are not out of the sun.  The portable makes it nice for adjusting the shade to where we want it.



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