Saturday, January 21, 2006

Checked Wet Compartment -- It Is DRY!

I had a basement compartment that had a wet floor.  I did not know if the water came in from above or from the front passenger wheel well.  We had lots of rain on our last camp out.  I forgot the check until today, but the compartment was not wet.  This tells me the rain did not come from above.  We have not driven in the rain, so I cannot say for sure the leak is fixed, but my Eternabond Tape and caulking job on the underside of the compartment may have solved the problem.  I sure hope so.

OH, my water pump went dry when we got back.  I need to buy a new pump. This one works when primed, but does not work if it goes dry. It doesn’t have enough suction to suck air and then water up from the tank.  When I get the cobwebs out of my head from this bug we caught, I will go online and order one.

This is my third day of keeping a written time log to see where my time disappears to.  Because I am focused on the time log, I am getting more done.  HOWEVER, I still have blocks of time that are not productive.  I am doing things, but they are low priority.  Some high priority jobs are just stifled by problems and I bypass them for easier jobs. 

Do you have trouble getting things done?  Maybe if you took a notebook and kept track of your time all day for a week you too might benefit from knowing exactly what you do all day.  Plus, by focusing on it you may accomplish more than you normally would.  It seems to be working for me.



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