Friday, January 20, 2006

It Is Late!

WOW!  I got so busy online I forgot all about you today.  I have been trying to solve a problem on uploading information with password protection using a program I just bought.  NO LUCK!  I e-mailed support and am waiting for an answer now.

It’s so late I’m not sure what to talk about.  The only thing that comes to mind is how luck we are to have the motorhome parked out back.  It is a convenient place to eat lunch and dinner.  Even better than that it is always there and ready to take off for a day trip or overnight camping trip. 

We probable won’t get another camping trip in this month.  With the four day trip we took and being under the weather with this cold/flu bug we have lost too much time to “play” more until next month.

Yes, we are feeling a lot better. This is not one of those down and out things.  Just a not feeling on top of the world, I need a nap type bug. 

The only thing this illness emphasizes is the importance for Sharon and I to create an online business that we don’t have to work at daily to make a living.  It is slowly growing.  I think it is about to grow a little faster, but time will tell.  The good thing about an established online business is that it makes money when you are camping, when you are on vacation or when you are sick.  That makes it worth pursuing.


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