Wednesday, January 18, 2006

RVing Fever Or Is This The Flu?

OK, we went camping have come back with more than we left with. So is this RVing fever or are we getting a cold/flu bug?  Sharon is coughing and headachey and I am stuffed up and headachey.  We seldom get sick so maybe it is an RVing bug.  Ha Ha!

Sharon is in bed and I am at the computer trying to figure out my next move toward making a better income online.   I slept a lot yesterday, but feel much better today, so here I sit.

One thing about creating an online income is that it pays you tomorrow for what you did yesterday.  A website keeps paying and paying after it is created.  This means that at times like this, when we get sick, our online income keeps coming in at whatever level it was at before getting sick.  Even if an illness goes on for days or weeks, the income goes on for days or weeks also.

This ongoing income is why I keep coming back to making money online.  I have one site I created years ago and seldom modify.  I should add a lot more content to it, but in the mean time it created anywhere form $90 to $150 a month.  This is month in and month out.  I call it my “Free Money Site”.  It just keeps giving and giving. 

Could you do this too?  I think you could if it interests you.  It is simply a matter of putting up a website and adding income generating ads to it.  OK, a little more to it than that, but basically that is it. I have told you in the past, when we go fulltiming I do not want to have to workamp to make enough to keep going.  Internet generated income is an answer.


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