Monday, January 16, 2006

Last Day Camping

We are going to be the last ones to leave from our group.  Only one other couple is still here.  It seems we are often one of the last to leave a campground when we are with a group.  We like to stay an enjoy the campground for a long a possible. 

The weather is beautiful again today.  It was cold this morning first thing, maybe in the mid 30s, but not freezing.  The campfire felt great and we burned up the last of the logs.  Right now there are only embers left.

I water pump is having a problem.  If it loses suction in the tank, it won’t restart.  It runs but doesn’t pump water. It doesn’t have enough suction to pull air up through the line and water too.  Once it is primed it works fine.  We will have to replace the water pump.  At this campground we have water hookups, so it isn’t a problem when it goes dry.  Dry camping would mean NO WATER if it lost its prime then.

There are small things that need to be taken care of in our motorhome, but that is the most important at the moment. 

So, right now I am going to go prime the pump and slowly get ready to head for home


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