Sunday, January 15, 2006

Beatiftul Blue Sky Today

The rain is gone and the the sky is blue and clear.  It is a gorgeous warm day out today.  We had a group breakfast this morning.  Apple upside down coffee cake, fried potatoes with onions, peppers and ham, coffee, sliced oranges, muffins, link sausage.  More than enough food to make me want to skip lunch or have a very light lunch.

Last night I awoke and could hear the roar of the waves.  In a straight line we are probably about 300 yards or 3 maybe 4 football field lengths from the edge of the beach.  When I walked Poky this morning we walked down to where there is overlook to the lagoon and the waves.  It was beautiful.

There are a lot of wild mallard ducks here, but they are pretty tame since they get a lot of handouts from campers everyday.

Sharon has a touch of sore throat that started last night so she is not going shopping with the rest of the ladies. She is in a chair opposite me in the motorhome.  It is a rough way to camp.  She is eating orange slices, reading a book and has an electric “throw blanket” over her lap. 

We are under a eucalyptus tree and it is dropping things on top of our roof.  Sometimes a few things drop at the same time and it almost sounds like rain. 


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