Saturday, January 14, 2006

Polite Rain

Our rain has been very polite.  It rained after we went to bed last night.  Everyone was able to sit around the campfire and enjoy the evening.   It probably started raining about 3 or so in the morning.  It was raining when we woke up, but it tapered off and the sun is shining now at 10:45. 

The Bounder is running good.  The only engine problem right now is it still diesels a little when I turn the engine off.  There are things that still need to be repaired.  The water heater has to be manually lit and does not re-light itself to keep water hot.  I have to light it each time we want more hot water.

Another problem is our converter. It is not charging the battery.  It is the cheapie original converter that does not work that well to begin with. Now it doesn’t work for charging the batter.  There may be a blown fuse somewhere, but I haven’t found one.  I need to look into this more carefully. 

I have repaired the toilet twice.  It still has a problem closing the seal when we flush.  I either have to let go of the pedal so it snaps closed or push up on the pedal with my foot.  I know the problem and tried to fix it last time.  The REAL problem is cheap construction.  I might have fixed it last time if I had a better replacement spring.  I’m not sure.  Maybe I will try to fix it one more time, BUT THEN AGAIN, I may just end up buying a new one.

There are other minor things to do, but those three are the main things now.  Four if you count the dieseling.  None of the problems shut us down or prevent us from using things. 

OOPS!  Maybe I spoke too soon.  We have full hookups at this campground and Sharon just tried to use the microwave oven.  It did not turn on.  I have the house battery disconnected ——  OK problem solved.  The GFI button on the outlet by the sink was popped.  Sharon pushed the button and everything works fine.  THANK GOODNESS!


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