Sunday, January 08, 2006

Power Company Is Shutting Us Down

The power company is shutting us down at 8 a.m. today.  They are working on the lines in the area all day long.  This will give me some time to do some necessary work in the warehouse today.  I put off warehouse organization as low priority, so it doesn't get done for long periods of time. 

Sharon got the filter for the Onan generator, so maybe I will change oil and spark plug in it today also.  There is one good thing about forced down time. It lets you do things you might not do otherwise.

It looks we are going to have overcast weather for our camping trip this coming weekend.  At least that is what the long term weather forcast is saying.  Rain or shine we like camping.  Actually we has rain last year when we camped at Pismo.  It didn't rain continuously, but enough we voluntarily left one campground they predicted possible flooding in. 

I am going to cut this short since it is 7:25 and I want to unplug everything before they shut the power down.  I don't want to love a TV, microwave or computer to a power surge when the power back up later.


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