Thursday, January 05, 2006

One Week Before Camping Again

We only have one week to go before we go camping again.  This trip will be up the California coast to Pismo Beach.  We will be meeting some friends there, so it should be an enjoyable trip.  Of course every camping trip is an enjoyable trip. 

Later today, when it warms up more, I will change the oil in the Bounder.  At the same time I will change the oil in my Honda 2000 generator.  Since I didn’t buy a filter for the Onan, I will do it later.  I do want to get the Onan oil changed before we head for Pismo.  This is a little more of the preventive maintenance I was talking about.  It pays in the long run.

Did I tell you I went to Home Depot and bought some rubber gasket material and put in around one of my basement door openings.  I have a leak in the basement compartment by the passenger wheel well.  This past heavy rain was the test.  The compartment stayed dry this time.  The only problem is the gasket material I bought is a little thick and I have to push slightly on the door to close and lock it.  Not a big deal, but I need to find thinner material and do all of the doors.  They all have the original gasket material on them.

My motorhome porch light switch has been going bad for a long time. I have a new rubberized, water resistant switch to install there. I guess while I am out taking care of oil changes today, I should replace that switch too.  There are a lot of little jobs I need to take care of. 






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