Monday, January 02, 2006

Another Great Camping Weekend

We just had another great camping weekend and are looking forward to another in two weeks.  You can never get too much camping in.  I look forward to another year a monthly camping and more often if possible.  Most of it will be local camping within 30 miles of home. 

I find that camping is camping.  Whether it is close to home for 200 miles away.  It all feels the same to Sharon and I.  We enjoy the experience wherever it is.

As soon as the ground dries out, I will go out and change the oil in the Bounder. I have the filter and need to do it before our next trip out.  I have 10 days, not counting today.   I should get the filter for the Onan Generator also and change it.  Maybe I should change my Honda 2000 generator oil also. It doesn’t have that many hours, but we have had it a year.

Of course, I need to pull that faulty relay for the leveling jacks in the next couple days.  Like I said that will be an easy job. 

This is our year to take action.  We have been sitting on our behinds for too long.  There are many things we plan to accomplish this year.  Physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially.  Every area of our lives is being looked at and evaluated. We are trying to make out lives better and more productive in all areas.


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