Friday, December 30, 2005

Rincon Almost Full Wednesday

Wednesday, we drove by the Rincon campground which is right up against the shore.  It was almost full.  We only saw about 3 to 5 open spots.  Today we drove by Thornhill Broom campground and it is almost full too.  It seems that this year a lot of people are going to spend New Year’s Eve at the beach camping.

Yesterday I put in a new starter relay for my levelers.  This is the type of relay it uses. It was only $10.  It may not have been needed.  A cleaned all the connections on the old one, BUT it gets its ground through the body of the relay instead of one of the terminals.  The base of the relay was rusty.  The metal it was connected too was rusty.  My whole problem could have been an grounding problem.   I suspected that, but had cleaned the terminals.  OH WELL.  I had the thing off and I had the new part, so I just replaced it.

Since we are parked at the beach, I leveled the coach and I seem to have solved the intermittent problem we were having with the leveling jacks. 

Right now we are just parked along the road overlooking the ocean.  We came here to have breakfast.  In an hour or so we will head on down the road to the campground.


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