Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Surprised! We Need Camping Reservations

I was surprised.  When we went online to see how many camping spots were available where we plan to camp this weekend, there were only 20 left at one place and 17 left at the other.  Last year there were hardly any campers for New Year’s Eve.  I hate spending the extra for a reservation, but I had Sharon make reservations for us at Leo Carillo State Beach.  We will be there Friday, Saturday and leave Sunday.

Yesterday I got another pallet of cut off lumber for firewood.  I like it for a couple of reasons. It is clean and easy to store here at our business.  It burns fast.  This means any fire we have has to be kept going, which means we have fire as long as we want. No left over logs in the fire to douse, just coals.

Our first schedule camping trip of the New Year will be in January.  We will be going up to Pismo Beach.  This is an area where the Monarch Butterflies spend their winter months.  We were there last year and saw quite a few but not in the thousands like I had hoped.  Hundreds in a large area if you looked carefully, but I want tons covering the trees —– like you see on the Discover Channel.

TV!  OK, I am VERY GLAD we don’t own a 52 inch super screen TV with cable and high definition channels.  I can see where it would be very easy to get totally addicted to television.  My older son has one of these huge screen TV’s and it is amazing.  He works for a cable company, so gets ALL of his channels for free.  BEAUTIFUL!   WOW!  AMAZING!  We don’t watch TV at all.  The last time it was on was for a couple hours when Katrina hit the South. 

Then at my other son’s house he has a standard size regular, old fashioned TV.  Even it with the country music channel would get me watching way too much TV.  I really enjoyed a couple hours of music videos.

We did not turn off the TV because we don’t like TV.  We don’t have a “vendetta” against the television industry.  We just found ourselves spending a lot of time in front of  “the box” and getting nothing out of it.  While the actors make a pile of money entertaining us, we sit there mesmerized and make nothing.  AND, if there is nothing worth watching on, we often watch it anyway.  SAD!


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