Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Buying Firewood

We have a cargo van and our pallets of firewood are stored in it right now.  We don’t use the van a lot, so recently I have left the wood inside it to keep it dry and easy to get to.  Since we will be buying firewood for the coming outing, I need to empty the almost empty pallets and make room for more wood.

I had hoped to do that last week, but being a short week, I had other things that needed to be done instead of getting firewood.  This is another short week since we will be heading out early Friday morning for camping.  I had planned to get some things done, but will wait until next year. 

NEXT YEAR!  That always sounds so far away and it is now only a few days from now.  It is alway exciting to end the old year and wonder what the New Year will bring.  I hope it is a prosperous one for you and that you make many of your dreams come true.


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