Monday, December 19, 2005

Sometimes I Wonder - - -

Sometimes I wonder what the future holds. Sometimes I wonder when and if we really will go full timing.  Sometimes I wish I was camping and didn’t have to think about or wonder about anything.  I find that while we are camping the world just seems to go away.  The tensions, pressures and demands of life just go away when we are at a campsite.

Do you find that camping lets you leave everything behind?  Can you forget things that are important for just a weekend while you are enjoying the outdoors and great camping site.  It doesn’t seem to matter whether it is a remote campground or a RV park.  The feeling of freedom is there.

I think Sharon and I are totally hooked on this RVing and camping lifestyle.  It means having a way to overcome the problems in life. It makes us think of what a great life there is out there if you go after it.  I am very impressed with RVing and the people we meet when we are out in our motorhome.  I think I am  ready for our end of the year camping trip.


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