Saturday, December 17, 2005

Camping Was Great And I Am Late

I’m a poet and do not know it.  Camping was great and I am late getting the blog posted today.  This may be the latest in the day I have posted to the blog.  So far I haven’t missed a day.

Today was my 2 year old granddaughter’s birthday party.  It was mainly a grown up event with friends and relatives.  The kids who were here had a lot of fun.  My son rented on of those jolly jumper inflated jumping “houses”.  They had a about 10 kids.  OK, maybe not a complete adult event, but it seemed more targeted to adults to me. 

We had another exciting morning here at the office before we left for the party.  There were two police cars out front with one guy in a car.  He ended up in handcuffs and his car was towed away.  I have no idea what was going on. 

Since Camping World is on the way to my son’s house, we had to stop in.  We bought some ice cube trays for $1.79 each.  they have screw on lids so they won’t leak water.  We also go a couple folding chairs that fit into bags.  We have two, but they hurt my back for some reason.  Hopefully these will feel good.

We will probably get to test them out on New Years.  I think we will go camping New Years Eve.  We did that last year.  If we do, I will wake up at the beach on my birthday, January 1. 




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