Thursday, December 15, 2005

YEA HAW!! We Are Camping

We left home about 7:20 this morning and now the Bounder is parked on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  We are about 12–15 miles from home and about 6 miles from the campground.  When we go camping locally we like to park somewhere along the coast until after lucnh and then head to the campground.  This gives us some variety in the day.

The Bounder is running good, but is starting to diesel again.  I am guessing this is a carburetor problem again.  I think I will investigate this and see if I can fix it.  Last time the mechanic just did an adjustment that fixed it for a while.

On the way here we passed fields of celery and stawberries.  There were workers picking berries at about 7:30 this morning.  Since it was in the low fifties, I imagine they were a little cool out in the fields. 

A little while ago I heard a jet go over.  We are just south of a Navy Air Base, so I am sure it was a fighter jet.  We hear and see a lot of military aircraft flying by when we are along the coast in this area.  It adds a bit of excitement to the day to watch them.



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