Friday, October 28, 2005

I Need A Business Plan

Whether you want to create a business or go full timing in a RV, it would pay to have a written plan. For making money I need to write a business plan so I have an idea of what I am doing and where I a going. I need something on paper that I can regularly refer to so I am sure I am on track. If you do a Google search for "free business plan", there are a lot of listings.

One of my biggest problems is not having a direction I know I am heading. I know the general direction, but I need a specific map of how to get there. I think a business plan would be a good idea at this point.

Maybe that same business plan concept needs to be applied to our desire to go full timing also. A written plan explaining how we will get rid of this warehouse full of stuff and how we will get on the road and WHEN.

About a year ago I said in two years we wanted to go full timing. I have barely touched the warehouse inventory in that time. I have not had any plan, just a dream. I need that dream down on paper to make it more of a reality. Once on paper I can schedule it and make the plan work and the dream come true.

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