Saturday, October 08, 2005

Every Day Gets Better

Do you find that life gets better day by day? Lately it seems to be happening more and more. Little things are slowly adding up and make our lives more than they were yesterday. We are camping fairly regularly. We are getting out. Then little things between us. A few more time a day saying, "I love you". Slightly more of this and a little more of that.

Yes, I am still exercising every day. I missed on our two days camping. The exercise bike is really paying off. When we walked to the beach and all over the beach and rock, I wasn’t winded. I have the energy and stamina to keep going. It is hard to imagine going full timing to see our great country and being to tired to walk the distance at monument, in forests and down city streets.

I really believe an exercise program is essential to everyone, but more important for those with a goal such as full timing. I know some of my readers are working out. How about you? Could you use more strength and energy? Give it a try. Start slow and work up. Like I said above, LITTLE things are changing our lives right now.

Over a year ago we bought a Wave8 Catalytic heater from Camping World. These "burn" propane but are safe to use in enclosed areas. We bought the larger one, but they have smaller ones that use less propane. Click the link to get more details.

Olympian Wave™ 8 Catalytic Heater

I have yet to do the propane line plumbing necessary to hook it up. I am going to try to get it installed before we go to Shaver Lake, where it could be below freezing at night. It does not rely on electricity to heat so it would great for boondock camping. We will have electric at the campground, but cold like that would be a great excuse to finally install the heater.


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