Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Heading For The Beach And Camping

Today we are heading to the beach and then on to the campground Leo Carillo which is across the road from the beach. The beach at Leo Carillo is popular for surfing, but it is also well know for its tide pools. We saw more life in their tide pools than we have anywhere near here. Low tide will be at 5:30 this evening so timing is just right for this trip.

The wind has kicked up again today which is bad for our local Southern California fires. It will make me think twice about a campfire tonight. We will wait and see how the winds in the canyon area at dusk.

While camping at the SAL rally another of the campers had a lightweight 3 step, stepladder. I was impressed. We went to OSH and bought one to take with us. We already have one ladder, which I wrote about at Folding Step Ladder. The new ladder is a POLDER Step Stool model 5620–92 and only weighs 6 pounds. It is 31 inches high to the top step and 51 inches tall total. I will use it on this camping trip and post a picture. I think I will get some hooks and a lock and store it on the Bounder ladder so it is always easy to get to.

Every time we camp or day camp by the ocean, our windshield and side windows become a real mess. The salt spray and mist from the waves makes it hard to see if I don’t wash the windows before moving. This new ladder will make that a lot easier.




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