Monday, September 26, 2005

6:00 A.M. And It Is Raining

Everyone missed the rain.  At 6 this morning I woke up to rain on our aluminum roof.  UH OH!  All of our furniture is outside, the rug and campsite decorations.  Luckily it had just started and I hurriedly got everything inside the motorhome.  LUCKILY again it only lasted until about 7 o’clock.  Now the sun is shining, but with intermittent clouds passing over.  Everything is back outside drying off.

Last night we had a nice roaring fire in the main group fire ring.  Eleven deer came in to visit just a few feet away from us.  One buck and the rest does and a few fawns.  It was fun watching them browse around looking for whatever might have been left by campers.  They know a good thing .

We had about 20 magpies outside our door a little while ago.  They are a pretty bird.

There is a couple in about a 20 foot travel trailer below us now. They just bought it on Ebay and this is their first trip out in it.  I saw water pouring out the side of if.  The fresh water input to the toilet leaked.  This morning it dawned on me they didn’t have a pressure regulator on the campground water faucet.  I will bet that high pressure blew the toilet fitting apart.  I gave them one of my blue plastic water regulators so next time they won’t have that problem.

As I look out the Bounder door I see a few head of cattle on the other side of the lake.  They have come down for a morning drink. 


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