Monday, September 19, 2005

The Bounder Is Ready To Rally

Thursday is the day and the Bounder is ready to go.  Yesterday I fixed the toilet. The bowl wouldn’t hold water.  It was a combination of two things.  Mainly the heavy spring bracket was bent.  The other problem was a calcium type hard deposit on the surfaces where the blade slides.

For those thinking of working on an RV toilet, but wary of the “mess”, there is very little mess of any kind.  There is some scale and slime on surfaces you don’t normally see, but unless you are squeamish, nothing gross.  A spray bottle of  heavy bleach solution “cleans” up the areas you will work on.

I used CLR calcium deposit remover and a razor blade to remove scale.  It took about 5 minutes to remove the toilet. It took about four hours to fix it.  When I put the springs back on they bent the lightweight bracket even more.  I ended up getting my Oxygen-Acetelyne welding tanks out and welding a support piece to the bracket so it couldn’t bend. 

My fix created a problem.  The heavy spring hit the bracket and was worse at closing the blade than before.  I found a bed spring in my junk drawers and added a second spring to they system.  There was just enough room.  Re-assembly and installation only took about 1/2 hour or less once cleaning and repair were accomplished. 

The only thing left to do to the Bounder is charge batteries and empty the tanks.  She is ready to go.  OH, of course, check oil, tire pressure, etc.



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