Saturday, September 10, 2005

Week End Get Away Without The RV

We are getting away for the weekend, but we won’t be camping.  We are heading to see Jessica and her parents.  Remember, she lives in Bear Valley Springs, California.  We alway look forward to seeing our grandchildren. This will be a short overnight visit. We will leave this morning and come back Sunday afternoon.

Sharon is making a new set of front window curtains.  She bought a set of regular drapes and cut them off. She will hem them and install them. A fairly easy job.  She got what looks like new drapes at a thrift store for $12.  They are heavier than the ones installed now, so should keep out more heat and light and keep it warmer as winter gets here.

On the way to my son’s house we have to go by Camping World.  I wonder what they have that we can’t do without this time.  I do want to get another step stabilizer.  Sharon needs a couple stove burner clips. Those clips that hold the burner rack in place.  I want to look at the gray water deodorant.  We get a lot of  “bad air” coming from the gray water tank. It seems to come down into the coach from the top vent pipe.

We just put in a couple new carpet runners in the Bounder.  I think they look fairly decent and will keep the carpet from getting so dirty. Our motorhome has carpet in the kitchen and dining area, so cooking spatters and food spills are a problem.

Yesterday I posted another page in RV Living Magazine. is about camping rallies and I’m excited, today we are only two weeks away from being at our next one.


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