Monday, August 29, 2005

Progess Is Our Most Important Product

Do you remember that old GE saying?  Well, it is Sharon and my most important product too.  We are moving forward daily.  We are making progress in our personal and business lives.  We are becoming healthier through exercise. We are becoming more goal oriented through motivational books and tapes (CD’s).  We are getting more done in our business and our goal of generating income through advertising and affiliate programs on the internet.

This process is like a roller coaster ride.  Saturday and Sunday I did not exercise. That is the first time I have not exercised two days in a row.  I missed some writing I should have been doing to create more web content.  HOWEVER, I am moving forward regardless of days I am not on track. I am progressing more than I am regressing.  If I can keep at this at a more consistent pace, I think we will have this all under control. 

Under control?  What does that mean. It means we have our life more under our control than out of our control. It means that goals, such as going full-timing, will be realized sooner rather than later. It means our health will increase as we get older instead of decreasing as it had been without exercise.

We need a plan in our lives. Sharon and I are slowly developing this plan for ours.  In the past we more or less drifted wherever life took us. We are now trying to gain control of the steering mechanism and trying to direct our lives where we want to go.

I think my next step is to create a “business plan” for where we are going.  Every business needs a plan.  Even full-timing needs a plan to get us to that point.  Sharon and I need to sit down together and write a plan of action and commit ourselves to it.  They say a written plan is the first step to achieving your goals.  I think it is about time we have one.

All of this revolves around our plan to go full-timing.  We could continue along our old path and stay working in a warehouse for a long time.  We want change. We want to go full-timing.  We need change and a plan. 


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