Thursday, August 25, 2005

Sometimes I tire more easily than other days.  This applies a lot to the exercise program I am on.  I cut 5 minutes off  to give myself a break.  OK, you too?  Hey, this is not a sign of anything other than you need to keep on with the program.  Even if you cut your time in half, as long as you keep on keeping on with the program you are on, you will win.  Today I even dropped back to the 7 pound weights instead of the 10 pound. WOW!  It sure was easier to exercise with 7 pounds.  That extra three pounds make a difference.  I just didn’t feel like my full time or full weights today. 

As with everything in life, it is what you do consistently that makes the difference. That is why I don’t worry about the pizza we ordered. I will still lose weight because I normally eat better these days.  Even when we were out beach camping I had my normal salad lunch. Salads are getting pretty regular for lunch these days.  You can do this too. Just be constant.  Regularly change some of your habits and you will slowly change.  Daily change you habits and you will change more quickly. 

The Bounder sure runs better since we got the headers put on. The engines is quieter and I hear things that I didn’t notice before.  I am stacking up a pile of things to do to the bounder:
1. Brakes
2. Fix Toilet
3. Fix hot water heater igniter.  I have to manually light the heater with a propane match.
4. Caulk the rest of the window before rainy season
5. Replace the front windshield privacy drapes — they are OK, but have some water stains
6. Fix the pull strings that raise the window blinds.  They work, but don’t pull the shade up to the top, only about 3/4 of the way
7. Replace the broken interior cabinet locks.  They work, but are held in place with Scotch tape
8. Add a more positive catch to the screen door. It opens too easily.  A simple catch will fix that
9.  WOW!  When you write it all down in one place the list sure looks big! 

I guess I had better start doing things more quickly.  These jobs have been piling up and I have just been saying, “Tomorrow”.  Do you do that too or are you pretty organized and get things done as they come up?

“Tomorrow”.  That  sure has been a major problem in my life.  Putting off until tomorrow what should have been done today.  It sure is easier, but it sure creates situations you wish you didn’t have.  “Tomorrow”, is why this warehouse is such a problem. 

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