Monday, August 22, 2005

Speed Reading

I want to learn a lot about internet marketing.  I have the Evelyn Wood book, “Seven-Day Speed Reading and Learning Program”.  Last night I started reading it.  I figure reading faster with better comprehension will help me learn more effectively.  My plan is to learn to read faster. Next I will learn to study more effectively.  At 62 years old it is time for this old dog to learn some new tricks.  If I plan to make my full-timing living on the internet, I had better be better prepared and more effective than I am now.

See, when you begin to change for the better, other areas become affected.  This started with exercise and sorting boxes and is progressing in other areas that will move me forward in my goal and as a person who is doing things that will help his family and possible many others.  Sharon and I both trying to make small changes here and there at improve or life and business.

I was out yesterday and was going to buy the brake pads. I didn’t have the part number with me.  I could have relied on “Joe” behind the counter, but often “Joe” is a newbie employee who may or may not know how to find what you need.  I will get them today;.

We stopped at a garage sale and I bought another radio control model.  This time it is a battery powered truck.  It is kind of fun playing with toys again.  It lets you do something that does not require a lot of thought.  For us that meant sitting on a blanket in a local park and watching the truck drive along in the grass.  A kick back type of activity.

Those motorhomes we looked at this weekend have us thinking again.  I would love to upgrade to a newer coach.  I am not sure that is the best idea yet.  Keeping the Bounder for a while and using it to learn even more about RVing might be out best bet.  If you remember, this is our first time at RVing and we’ve only been at it for a year and a half.  A paid for older unit is very appealing when you look at the cost of newer ones.

HEY!  I almost forgot, we need to go the Universal Studios this month so the tickets we won on the radio don’t expire.  SHARON!  We need to plan another day off!  Sharon is out in the motorhome getting the brake pad part number.  Maybe later this week.

Today I am waiting on a call from Verizon on my long overdue DSL connection.  They keep coming up with excuses.  Right now I finally at the local office level and talking to an actual technician.  Maybe this will get resolved. It has now been over a month since I have tried to get my DSL connection.   I called them since I wrote this.  They are “working on it”,  whatever that means.  I hope it is good.





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