Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Weather Here Has Changed Again

Our coastal weather had changed to overcast.  We get a high marine layer of clouds/fog overhead.  It has been this way for the last few days.  One thing about living on the coast is never knowing when you will have warm summer days.  We get a few and then it turns cool again.  This is the first week of August, we are having our county fair and coats will be in order in the evening.  We have had heavy coats, gloves and stocking caps at the fair in the past.  It can get downright cold here in August.

Speaking of the fair, we have decided to skip going Wednesday.  This is a relatively small fair compared to some and the 3 days we will go will give us plenty of time to leisurely see everything. 

I dropped Earthlink DSL on July 18 and still do not have my Verizon DSL. I have a call into Verizon to see what is going on.  I subscribed to Netzero 3G dial up service. 3G is supposed to be their HIGH SPEED super connection that you pay more for.  I find it so slow it is ridiculous.  I am often connect at slower than and old 28K modem.  Modems are now 56K.  It is hard to do many business things with a slow connection.

Slow connection speed makes me wonder about connecting to the internet while full timing.  I wonder if getting the very expensive satellite connection would be the only answer.  Even that is slower than DSL or cable.  I will have to think about this very carefully.  I need a fast connection to the internet to effectively work online.

It is time to take Poky for his morning walk.  We walk .7 miles with him twice a day.  Ad that to 6 to 9 miles on the exercise bike and we get a fair amount of exercise each day.  It sure is helping. I stepped on the scale this morning and had lost another 1.5 pounds. 

I am now down to 214 pounds through mainly exercise. I have changed my eating slightly, but still not really on any diet program.  Two pieces of toast slathered with margarine and a thick coat of blackberry jam are not considered diet food, but sure made a nice snack last night.  One thing I did was give up beer —– well almost give it up. Instead of buying a 12 pack regularly, I buy one 24 ounce can or a 36 oz bottle occasionally.  The bottle I opened last night had one glass poured from it and then sealed back.  Hopefully it won’t go flat before I finish it.  I like beer, but  I am more or less giving it up. I didn’t even take beer on our camping trip last week.




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