Thursday, June 30, 2005

I Love The Camping Life

I woke up this morning feeling great.  No aches or pains from yesterday's fall.  At 62 you think you might be more fragile, but luckily that is not the case.

Camping on the coast means you need to bring things in at night that you do not want wet in the morning.  We normally have dampness in the mornings, so chairs and such will be a wet seat if you don't put them under your RV or put them inside.

Sharon just went to the gate and got us a second night camping.  When you camp without reservations, it is interesting how things work.  At least we get our "weekend" of camping.

The motorhome next to us didn't bring firewood so we gave them a little of ours.  Amazingly they have found quite a bit of dead wood in the bushes to burn.  You do not see a lot of dead stuff laying around, but they are finding it.  You would think at a campground that is full  every weekend  all of the dead wood would be long gone.

The flock of green parrots is still here.  See my blog entry on January 1 in the link at the bottom of the right hand column.  The feed for them at the camp host site is gone, but the birds are thriving.  Yesterday they were in the tree over our motorhome eating the tiny berries on the tree.

Yesterday's excitement came when we walked on the beach.  A young man went into convulsions and was laying on the ground surrounded by life guard and park personnel.  He had an oxygen mask on.  Then a single fire truck arrived followed in about 5 minutes by an ambulance.  After being checked out the guy was able to walk from the beach to the stretcher in the parking lot, where he was to get a ride to the hospital.  I told Sharon that it was lucky that it wasn't me getting that ride.

I'll add more later.  OH, I wrote the extra for the blog last night, but couldn't connect to the internet for a while so there was a delay between writing and posting.  Sometimes the cell phone signal seems to fade or something.


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