Sunday, June 26, 2005

Going Camping This Week

It is great when the Bounder runs well. It is easier to get out and not worry about making something worse. I have decided to camp for two nights instead of one. Wednesday night and Thursday night will be our “weekend”. 

Usually we do not take many days off.  We used to work 7 days a week.  Being in business for yourself  often means long hours, little time off and few vacations.  Having the motorhome has changed that. We now get out a lot more often.  The motorhome has added a new quality to our lives.

WOW! I started this early this morning, then I got started on the boxes in the warehouse and forgot all about finishing what I started here.  Yes, we are working Sunday.  We are taking are weekend later, remember?

We will be taking our WalMart mountain bikes — (can you spell C-H-E-A-P?) with us camping this time.  This will be the first time since we got the exercise machine that we have actually been on real bicycles.  They have an excellent bike trail into the mountains at Sycamore Canyon.  We have ridden a little ways on it in the past.  Hopefully this time we will go a lot farther since we should be in better condition with our daily exercise.

We have not seen any bees for the last two days.  I wonder if we really got rid of them finally.  That would be very nice is we did.




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