Wednesday, June 08, 2005

CRS Two Days In A Row

OK, I CAN’T REMEMBER STUFF!!  This is getting habitual.  I was late getting up today.  Had a headache, which I do not get very often.  Did not do the exercise machine.  Walked the dog and got to work.  Forgot all about the blog.

I have been sorting boxes again today.  6 hours of boxes every day.  The boxes are our biggest problem to getting out of this warehouse and going full-time in the motorhome.  If I can keep on this roll and NOT get side tracked for more than a day at a time, I should be able to see what to do sooner.  I still can not see the forest for the trees.  I am lost in all of this old junk.  

Do have have full-timing in mind?  If so NOW is the time to start preparing.  Get rid of all those old tax papers that are no longer required. Empty the closets, basement and attics of things you have just stored away and will never look at again.  Go through your belongings and start your process of consolidating and getting rid of What is cluttering up your life.  If I had been going through all of this over the last 3 years I have been in this warehouse, it would not have the problem I have today.

The bees are a buzzin’ and they do not seem to be ready to give up.  I keep killing them and they keep on going.  Scary thing is that I read that the queen can lay 1500 eggs a day.  The gestation period for a worker bee is 21 days. My bees have been her 4 weeks or so now.  I am ready to take out a wall panel on the outside so I can get to the exact entrance inside the wall and give them another dose of bug bomb. 

The Bounder is still sitting out back waiting one me to take a look “under the hood” and see what is going on.  I am pretty sure it will go to the shop and let the “experts” fix it.   Actually is ran fairly good until “experts” worked on it. 



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